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T-Buck, Inc.’s  Easi-Set™ Folder Arm Upgrade brings a new world of efficiency, precision and quality to your Flexo Folder-Gluer. The durable, fully adjustable, dual pivot folding arms eliminate the guess work and positioning limitations of conventional OEM folding arms. Super slick folding rods virtually eliminate the friction and drag that causes many folding issues.

Why fight the limitations of conventional “solid bar” single pivot folding rods that are hard to reach and move into position? The dual pivot points of the Easi-Set design allow operators to quickly put the folding arms and rods right where they need to be. Easy to use locking handles let operators easily fine-tune to position of the folding arms and rods. These features allow for the best, squarest folds possible.

Strong, Durable Design Easi-Set features Investment Casting, making a stronger, more durable arm that is less likley to suffer from the porosity and premature failure of lower quality sand cast arms. Our friction disks which hold the arms in position are designed to last longer and provide the highest gripping force available to eliminate ‘creep’ caused by machine vibration. Easi-Set’s folding rods use a proprietary extruded, not machined or saw-cut, UHMW material. Extruding allows us to produce a rod that is high precision, has a super-smooth finish with a coefficient of friction that is 3 times lower than most folding rods, resulting in less skewing. Numbers and indicators cast into the arms allow operators to record final positions for even faster set-up of repeat orders, and are not susceptable to damage like decals

Enhanced Quality With Easi-Set’s ultimate flap and fold control and low friction design, you will see:

  • Less Box Skewing
  • More Even Manufacturer’s Gap
  • No Scuffing or Marking 

Affordably Priced For Fast Return on Investment  With reduced set-up times, increased productivity, and reduced waste, your ROI can easily be realized in 6 months or less. The Easi-Set Folder Arm Upgrade System includes everything you need:

  • Dual-Pivot Arms (Quantity customized to your specific machine)
  • Friction Disks
  • Extruded Ultra-Slick UHMW folding rods
  • Mounting Brackets
  • All Hardware Needed For Installation

Works on Most Machines  Including:

  • Ward
  • Koppers/United
  • Grant
  • Langston
  • Martin
  • McKinley
  • S&S/Prime
  • And Many More…
  • Works on both Up-Fold and Down-Fold Designs

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