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Eliminates Gear Train Timing

TRUE One Box Setup

Eliminates Periodic Referencing

T-Buck, Inc. is proud to partner with Mikowen Industries as the exclusive distributor and installation specialist for InstaRegister. InstaRegister is a stand alone setup computer for all machine registers. It is a very simple and universal system that can be installed on any Die Cutter or Flexo Folder Gluer ever made.

Put simply, The InstaRegister is a universal NC package for registration on any make and model of FFG or DC. It is by far the simplest control system ever introduced in the packaging industry

InstaRegister’s Patented Design is so unique that it completely eliminates the need for operators to keep the machine in time. A machine can be closed in any position and the InstaRegister will still maintain the correct registration information for continuing the current order, setting up for saved jobs, or to return to True Zero.
Unlimited job storage, move to Zero, move to Demount, move to Saved Job, and Smart Register Tuning routines provide early detection of register condition problems before they get out of hand. These are just some of the benefits that the powerful and unique InstaRegister Upgrade provide. Instead of using “One Box Setup” as a buzz word, InstaRegister delivers on the actual goods.

Here are just some of the features that make InstaRegister special:

  • Eliminates gear train timing- Close the machine anyway you like​
  • Eliminates periodic referencing- Zero is always True Zero
  • No complex encoders or resolvers- Uses only simple proximity sensors
  • Universal and Standalone- It won’t keep your machine from feeding or running
  • Installed in one day on any machine
  • Truly reduces waste with industries easiest “One Box Setup”
  • ROI typically less than 6 months

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